Fringe Theatre (definition): 1. Theatrical performance that is unconventional or otherwise distinct from the mainstream 2. Theatre that is experimental in style or subject matter. The term comes from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Thank you Collins English Dictionary and Wikipedia.

Have you been? This weekend is the last weekend before you need to wait until next year. 

"Eye" guess she's telling us "Journey to the Planet of the Senses" is the place to be.

"Eye" guess she's telling us "Journey to the Planet of the Senses" is the place to be.

Another year and another name for the Edmonton Fringe Festival. We didn't make it, but a reference to Mary Poppins in the name of good (or not so good) entertainment isn't bad, the bottom line is that it's subjective. That's the beauty of fringe theatre, the larger the festival the better the chance that there is something for everyone, and Edmonton's is the biggest and oldest fringe festival in North America. 

A major reason why Edmonton calls itself the "Festival City" the Fringe Festival runs 10 days. For many it is the highlight of August, and it's fun for the entire family (certainly Kids Fringe is back). Live theatre in a variety of venues, street performers, food, and typically good weather, makes sure the festival is a community success. This will be the 34th year, and you certainly don't get to this point without staunch community support

What are you a fan of? I'm a big fan of street theatre, and there was lots of it. There is just something incredibly raw and powerful about making a living in front of people with only your hard-earned talents and abilities, on the street; although that similarly applies to all performances at the Fringe, I guess. Luckily the performances never stop, at least until I ran out of spare coin, but then there's always plan B or C or D... Seriously, what are you planning to do until August 23rd?

Good times for all.

by Dan@WeAreYEG