"Parades are cool", I was reminded by the mother who had parked her family beside me. The reminder, was not for me of course, nor was it a reminder, but her statement had been directed towards her child who was visibly excited that this would be her first parade. 

This new outlook served as motivation. Normally, we only post a few pictures to show what we like to refer to as #yeglife, but this gentle reminder that parades are cool changed my carefully constructed game plan. Suddenly, I was planning a trip across several blocks, visiting carparks for elevation, and generally on a mission to capture something "more" than I had intended. The K-Days parade is tradition, and considering the thousands that made it out, it is in no danger of being forgotten. Over a 100 entries, and my only complaint was that the undertakers preceded the U of A cheer team, then again, where would you place a funeral home entry... 

A bit of trivia for you. Did you know that the Klondike Days moniker was introduced as recently as 1964? Before that it was the Edmonton Exhibition, way back to 1879, now that was a bit of history I didn't know. 

by Dan@WeAreYEG